Our Fleet

Thunderun Aviation launched operations in 2010, flying a Twin Engine Cessna 414 medevac airplane. This airplane was instrumental in building our business, but we realized that we would need larger, faster aircraft to meet the true needs of the medical transportation community. We've come a long way since then.

We now operate two Learjet 31 aircraft, one custom configured for medevac operations, the other configured for standard executive transport operations. They are both vital in supporting the multiple missions flown by Thunderun Aviation.

Medevac Configuration

Our Medevac Lear 31 is literally a flying Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It can accomodate one patient and up to five medical personnel or passengers. With a standard medical crew of two -- one Flight Nurse and one Paramedic -- this allows family members to accompany the patient on the trip.

Inside, the air ambulance custom interior includes onboard medical oxygen, medical pneumatic systems, 110v power, a custom stretcher and much more. Flights are equipped with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) equipment, IV pumps, and monitoring equipment, plus any other specialized equipment necessary to meet patient needs.

The aircraft is fully pressurized, and can cruise above most weather, making it ideal for medevac missions.

Executive Configuration

Our Executive Lear 31 fills a very important role for our support of the organ transplant mission. We utilize this aircraft to transport organ harvest teams from their base to the donor location. After surgery is complete, we rush surgeons and organ back to their base, using high priority "Lifeguard" status with ATC, where the organ transplant occurs.

This aircraft is also flown for our very important executive charter function.