Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance
Long Distance Medical Transport

Learjet 31 Medevac Mission

Thunderun Aviation has been providing on-demand air ambulance service since 2009. Based in Buffalo, New York, we can reach the entire country within hours flying our custom medevac configured Lear 31 jet aircraft.

The Learjet 31 provides the capability for long distance medical transports. Through our extensive network and round the clock communications center, we handle all necessary arrangements for "bedside-to-bedside" transport. This includes setting up ground ambulance at departure and destination locations, assigning appropriate medical air crews and providing their equipment, and attending to every detail from the bed that the patient is in to the patient's bed at the receiving facillity.

Unparalleled In-Flight Medical Care

Our experienced Flight Physicians, Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics have many years of high volume, critical care and helicopter experience. Mandatory experience and education for our medical flight crews include: